Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers have to say...

Nicolas T
- "The customer support is brilliant. They saw to my every need before I bought the portable welder. Thanks guys! I'll be coming back."


Lesley H - "I'd recommend Taylor's to anyone. High quality welders, great welding rods and all-round a timely delivery."


Artur D - "Super service as I'd expect from hardware brands. I'm a bit of a beginner when it comes to welding but the digital welder exceeded my expectations."


Loftus G - "I am amazed by the amperage and durability of this welder given how small it is. It's my first time trying a portable welder and the results have been very good. A really clean weld."


Ronny E - "I've been welding for nearly 32 years and the performance of this compact welder is no different to my larger machines. The amperage may not hit 200 as it states, but it's certainly close."


Murat M - "Shipped quickly even in spite of the global pandemic. I am pleased with the welder. It has some Chinese packaging but for the price this is okay and the quality remains really high. Thanks so much."

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