What is the voltage of the welders? You can find these on their individual product pages. Most have a 110V or 220V AC input. The frequency ranges from 50-60Hz (UK/Europe mains are 50Hz, US and Canada mains are 60Hz).

Do the welders come with my own country plug? No. We ship worldwide and can't stock every country's power plug. You will need to buy and fit your own from a hardware store (these are incredibly cheap). This allows us to keep the welders at a low price. 

What rods work best with the 200A welder? For the 200A yellow welding machine, we recommend using 1/16" rods, either 6013 or 6011. You can choose to use rods up to 3\32", but 1\16" give the best results.

Do you have a user manual for the welder? Yes, you can access the 200A Mini Welder user manual (English language only) by clicking here. The 250A welder comes with an English manual.

How do I fit the plug and ground the welder? This demo is a guideline only. The welder cable will have blue/brown colored leads coming out from it. Please see the example UK plug diagram below - the brown 'live/hot' wire and blue 'neutral' wire are to be connected as so. Some welders do not come with the green ground wire as standard, meaning you will need to make sure the body of the welder is grounded before use. You could instead replace the original 2-wire cable with a 3-wire cable, ensuring the ground/earth wire is connected to the body of the welder.

If you are even the slightest bit unsure, please consult a trained electrician.

Do you sell welding rods as well? Yes we do, in packs of 20 at 33cm long! You can find these by hitting our menu bar and choosing 'shop all'.

How fast are the shipping times? This depends where you are in the world. When checking out, our shipping option(s) will display the estimated delivery time to your address. To find out more, click here.

What do I need to supply myself? You will need to supply your country's power plug, the electrode lead, ground cable and clamp. These are all very cheap and help us to pass the big savings on to you. We do offer bundles that include the electrode and ground leads.

What material thickness can the portable welders weld? They work best with stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel or cast iron that is 2-6mm thick.

Are the welders made in China? Our welders are currently made in China but most are shipped to our US warehouse for faster shipping times for you. Because of this, the outer box may contain some Chinese symbols. Regardless, the welders are tried and tested and maintain our quality standards! We are constantly looking to have the welders sourced from Europe or the US, and we will keep this page updated should things change.

Will I need to pay a customs fee? This depends on where in the world you are based and how much your order is. For orders shipped domestically from the US to the US, there is no customs fee. For high-priced orders (usually those over $200) shipped from our Asia warehouse, you may have to pay a small customs fee upon its delivery. Unfortunately we cannot cover this fee. 

I received one item but am missing another? Some products are actually sourced from different suppliers so we can get you the best possible deal. Your other item(s) will probably arrive very soon after. If not, please email us at

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