Below we have included a set-up guide for your mini portable welding machine. This is suitable for our 200A portable welder only. The English instruction manual can be accessed here. For the 250A model, please refer to the instruction manual in the package. 

If you are even the slightest bit unsure about these instructions, please consult a professional or an electrician.


1. Fitting the plug

As you'll know, our machines do not come fitted with a plug. This is because we ship to multiple countries. Most of our customers are good with electrics, so are often comfortable fitting the plug themselves. Others may need some guidance.

The blue 'neutral' wire and the red (or brown) 'live/hot' wire should be located as so. Once you have your plug, the wires should then be connected to the right plug pins. A UK, US and European example can be found below.

UK Example Fitting:


 2. Fitting the quick plugs

If you didn't order our clamps then you'll need to make use of the quick plugs. You should fit your own electrode/ground wires into the quick plugs by tightening the screws with the T-wrench. Then, insert the quick plugs into the insulation's as per the photo below. 

After this is done, you can attach the quick plugs into the welder. Make sure you match up positive with positive and negative with negative.


3. Grounding your welder

As stated in the product description, this welder doesn't come grounded. To rectify this, you can either replace the 2-wire cable with a 3-wire cable, (see first image below) or you can ensure that the body of the welding machine is grounding reliable as shown in the second image below.



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