Taylor's Solar Auto Darkening Welding Goggles

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Taylor's Solar Auto Darkening Welding Goggles

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This automatic darkening helmet is suitable for welding or grinding! The inside is spacious and has a large window size for easy viewing.

Main benefits...

  • Auto-darkening response in less than 1/1000s
  • Elasticated band included
  • High level of protection from radiation, sparks and heat
  • Lithium battery powered with back-up solar energy
  • 2 arc sensors
  • A 90x30mm viewing window


Tech specs...

  • Auto-darkening from 9-13 shades
  • Protect grade against DIN15


If you're in the US, this will deliver within 5-10 working days from our US warehouse. European orders may take slightly longer.


Customer Testimonials

The customer support is brilliant. They saw to my every need before I bought the portable welder. Thanks guys, I'll be coming back!

Nicolas T

I'd recommend Taylor's to anyone. High quality welders, great welding rods and all-round a timley delivery.

Lesley H

Super service as I'd expect from this store. I'm a bit of a beginner with welding but the digital welder exceeded my expectations

Artur D
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